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Our Dogs

Elderly Dog
: Old age pensioners in the winter of their canine lives are also catered for. These old girls and boys are exercised lightly and rested often according to their energy levels. We adore the "old folks" at Happy Paws, offering immeasurable tender loving care. These guys and gals have been so loyal and faithful to their owners all of their lives and definitely deserve huge respect.

The Puppy: Puppies require equal spurts of play and rest while their soft little bones form. Watching two puppies play together is a real joy. Couch care in Yvonne's home is enjoyed by the nervous little dog or the resident with special requirements.

The Nervous Pet: Yvonne is a Reiki practitioner, practising her skills on nervous dogs. This has a proven calming effect on the little dotes, enabling them to socialise somewhat and enjoy their holiday. A one on one walk on the lead always works a treat for these guys. Happy Paws Hotel caters for all doggies with good social skills.

Neutering Policy:All male dogs over the age of 1 must be neutered. We can't accept females in season as it drives the boys wild.

Tasty Meals & Treats

Tasty Meals
: Top quality breakfast and evening meals are freshly prepared daily. Our guests enjoy top quality food mixed with a premium quality nut/kibble. We in Happy Paws favour the "Royal Canin" brand.

Treats: On miserable wet days, our four legged friends are kept amused, chomping on safe small raw hide chews or tasty butcher bones if permitted. Quality treats are enjoyed at rest times and before bedtime, of course. Classical music plays 24 hours for the ultimate relaxation.

Vet Cover & Vaccinations

Vet Cover
: Happy Paws Hotel has 24 hour on call veterinary cover with the award winning Thomastown  Veterinary Clinic - Richard Brennan MCB MRCVS and his daughter Helen Austin.

Dogs on regular medication i.e. heart tablets, insulin injections; anti-inflammation drugs etc. are administered as per individual requirements. At Happy Paws we treat this aspect of dog care very seriously.

Vaccinations: All dogs must have up to date vaccine record, confirming;
Booster, Kennel Cough, Worm Dose & Flea Treatment



Very professional, helpful staff. Yvonne - proprietor - is a wonderful person, who really cares about the dogs and adjusts to their special needs. Xsara, our German Shepherd is very comfortable, and really enjoys staying there. We couldn't believe how happy she was!!!. We do not feel, that we could own our dog, without being able to take her there for playcare and boarding as needed. I would definitely recommend, Happy Paws in Bennettsbridge, for everyone, who care for and love their pets. Yvonne even speaks Polish to our dog Xsara.

Pj & Alicja Gajewski
Owners of Xsara.